Faulkner County businesses eligible for "digital economy" assessments

Connect Arkansas, a project of the Arkansas Capital Corporation Group, recently announced an exciting initiative to assist businesses in Vilonia and Mayflower – communities affected by the April tornadoes – with special assistance to help its businesses better compete.

In conjunction with broadband research firm Strategic Networks Group (SNG), Connect Arkansas is providing Faulkner county businesses – including Vilonia and Mayflower – with the opportunity to participate in the Small Business Growth Program, which provides one-of-a-kind resources and customized guidance on the benefits of increased Internet usage.

The Small Business Growth Program helps businesses understand what meaningful and expanded Internet utilization could mean for their business. Participating local businesses that take an online self-assessment will receive invaluable business intelligence in the form of a roadmap to driving revenues and reducing costs.

SNG has surveyed tens of thousands of businesses across the nation regarding their Internet use and accompanying financial benefits, which allows SNG to compare how a Faulkner county business is leveraging broadband’s benefits in comparison to their peers and competitors. For example, a participating manufacturer with 10 employees will receive a customized report that shows the top three Internet applications (in terms of revenue and cost benefits) that they should be undertaking – along with the average financial impact their peers are realizing.

In addition, Connect Arkansas is conducting a statewide study of small- and medium-sized (less than 100 employees) businesses to develop strategies to improve Arkansas businesses ability to compete in an increasingly digital economy.

“We’ve found that small businesses across North America are typically slow to adopt Internet applications,” said Doug Adams, vice president of communications for SNG. “Research in more than 10 states shows us time and again that small businesses either don’t understand how Internet applications are relevant to their business or lack the will to take the time to deploy them. We’re thrilled to be able to help Vilonia, Mayflower and Faulkner county rebound using best practices of Internet utilization.”

To take the survey visit www.connect-arkansas.org/survey