The people have spoken

If you didn’t notice, Faulkner County was a focal point in this most recent election. For more than a year, airwaves, mailboxes and inboxes were overflowing with info and innuendo.

Now the people have had their day to speak. What did they say? It depends who you ask. About 60% of Faulkner County voters preferred republican candidates. Almost 40% of Faulkner County voters wanted democratic candidates. The rest just couldn’t resist voting for a guy named Elvis (or other, perhaps more credentialed, third party candidates).

What do the results of this election tell us about Conway and Faulkner County’s future? Not much. That’s because no political party can rightly take credit for the many successes our community has enjoyed. Our proudest achievements have occurred when all members of the community were working together, motivated by issues and agendas that united rather than divided us.

None of this is to say that the most recent elections were unimportant or that the results were insignificant. There are a number of serious issues that our newly elected officials will confront almost immediately—evolving health care programs, crowded prisons, education policy to name a few. The victors deserve our best wishes and need our support as they begin the awesome task of governing.

Our own awesome task, as neighbors, is to reunite and work together on the issues that affect us most—our schools, our neighborhoods, our local economy. These local issues can be pleasantly apolitical if we let them. Tomorrows best ideas may well come from someone we disagree with on binary national issues…and why wouldn’t they. The campaign is over. Let the work begin. By our count, we have about six months before this all starts over again.